Build Confidence at 50? Definitely Possible!

Build Confidence at 50? Definitely Possible!We see older women being all secure and confident in their early 40s up to their late 50s. It seems like our idea of confidence is that the older a woman gets, the more confident she should be or the less superficial things should concern or bother her. However, every one gets to a point in their life where you start to question or doubt yourself. For women, this could be a very debilitating time in their life. It could be caused by a divorce or sudden shift in appearance or changes in routine. When this happens, you must build confidence right away.

If you find yourself lost and trying to regain your confidence, here are some things that you can do.

Keep a journal It might seem like such a simple act but keeping a journal is a good way to reconnect with yourself. There, you are free to write your thoughts and your feelings and other things that you might not share with other people for fear of embarrassment or ridicule. Sometimes, these are even things that you don’t even to accept or recognize yourself.

Keeping a journal will free you from all fears of embarrassment. It will also lessen whatever burden that you may have. When you have a journal, you can keep track of your feelings and thoughts, analyze and see patterns. When do you feel down? When are you insecure? What usually cause these insecurities? How do you feel about them and how do you react? Keeping a journal will help you answer these questions as well as help you better reflect on what is really causing you to doubt yourself.

Surround yourself with positive people Sometimes, the reason for your insecurity is the people around you. Sadly, there are people who put other people down, even their loved ones. If you want to build confidence, you must try to keep away from these people and other negative influences in your life for they can be the ones putting you down. Surround yourself with positive people who see how special you are and appreciates you. The people around you affirm even the littlest of thoughts. So if you think that you are inadequate or ugly or even bad, negative people will just reinforce these thoughts in you. Being with supportive, positive and sensitive people however will help you gain back a modicum of your confidence and even help you nurture that confidence into full bloom.

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